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Baskets and Bags

Beautiful ,sturdy, baskets and bags 

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Firenze Weekend BagFirenze Weekend Bag
Firenze Weekend Bag Sale price£69.00
Green Verona Weekend BagGreen Verona Weekend Bag
Green Verona Weekend Bag Sale price£69.00
Rosy Brindisi Weekend BagRosy Brindisi Weekend Bag
Rosy Brindisi Weekend Bag Sale price£69.00
Dark Blue Brindisi Weekend BagDark Blue Brindisi Weekend Bag
Rose Zip Oriana BagRose Zip Oriana Bag
Rose Zip Oriana Bag Sale price£59.00
Peony Zip Oriana BagPeony Zip Oriana Bag
Peony Zip Oriana Bag Sale price£59.00
Pinky Zip Oriana BagPinky Zip Oriana Bag
Pinky Zip Oriana Bag Sale price£59.00
Cosmos Oriana BagCosmos Oriana Bag
Cosmos Oriana Bag Sale price£49.00
Leaf Oriana BagLeaf Oriana Bag
Leaf Oriana Bag Sale price£49.00
Pink Bud Oriana BagPink Bud Oriana Bag
Pink Bud Oriana Bag Sale price£49.00
Blue Tiger Oriana BagBlue Tiger Oriana Bag
Blue Tiger Oriana Bag Sale price£49.00
Red Oriana BagRed Oriana Bag
Red Oriana Bag Sale price£49.00
Pink Paisley Oriana BagPink Paisley Oriana Bag
Pink Paisley Oriana Bag Sale price£49.00
Camargue Weekend BagCamargue Weekend Bag
Camargue Weekend Bag Sale price£79.00
Blue Sky Paisley BagBlue Sky Paisley Bag
Blue Sky Paisley Bag Sale price£79.00
Avignon Weekend BagAvignon Weekend Bag
Avignon Weekend Bag Sale price£69.00
Sold outPink Tuscany Weekend BagPink Tuscany Weekend Bag
Pink Tuscany Weekend Bag Sale price£69.00
Blue and Lime Tuscany Carmela BagBlue and Lime Tuscany Carmela Bag
Sold outBlue and White Tuscany Carmela BagBlue and White Tuscany Carmela Bag
Lyri Carmela Bag
Lyri Carmela Bag Sale price£39.00
Paros Carmela BagParos Carmela Bag
Paros Carmela Bag Sale price£39.00
Syracuse Weekend BagSyracuse Weekend Bag
Syracuse Weekend Bag Sale price£69.00
Elena Carmela Bag
Elena Carmela Bag Sale price£39.00
Rachel Carmela Bag
Rachel Carmela Bag Sale price£39.00
Sophie Carmela BagSophie Carmela Bag
Sophie Carmela Bag Sale price£39.00
Blue Oriana BagBlue Oriana Bag
Blue Oriana Bag Sale price£49.00
Argenta BasketArgenta Basket
Argenta Basket Sale price£29.00