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Sustainability & Ethics

We are aware that it’s our duty as part of the fashion and textile community to reduce the impact of our industry on the environment. We are working together with both suppliers and clients to ensure that sustainable practices are put in place to protect our planet.


Wild Bazaar has always, and will continue to, work with artisan craftsmen and workers around India. At the brand’s inception that meant scouring the country to highlight these fading, traditional techniques, which is what Wild Bazaar is now known for.

We continue to work with these carefully chosen suppliers, ensuring that the crafts are highlighted wherever possible, which enables these skills to stay alive and be passed to future generations.

Wild Bazaar is passionate about maintaining fair rights throughout the entire supply chain process.

We don’t believe in surplus stock either in our UK warehouse or our Indian factories and ensure all our purchase orders are small and accurate, to avoid unnecessary production and unwanted garments. None of our garments ever end up in landfill and our factory is constantly re-using leftover fabrics for future sampling and development to avoid waste.

We try to ensure that our packaging is all eco-friendly; from the biodegradable packaging and tissue paper customer orders are delivered in,to the bags and boxes our factories use to deliver products, we are reducing the use of non-recyclable plastics in our packaging with the aim to eventually eliminate this altogether.


Sustainability is a priority which we are constantly reviewing and improving as our brand grows.

While we always use natural fabrics for all our garments we are also working towards more sustainable dying techniques and introducing organic cottons into our future collections.

From becoming involved in testing to ensure our pieces can be washed at lower temperatures or free from chemicals to organic cottons and eco-friendly dyes, each season we are improving and learning.

There is still more to do.


Block Printing

Most of our prints are made using hand carved wooden blocks in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Each design has an individual block for each colour featured in the design.

They are carefully and precisely carved by hand and have to line up exactly to create the perfect print.

Fabric is then pinned to long blocking tables. The printers use only their experience and eyes to line up the design and with their hands bring down the blocks with a heavy stamp to start forming the design. They walk up and down the lengths of the tables layering up the different parts with each block and colour. Once complete the fabric is hung up on frame in the sun to dry.


Hand Embroidery

Our hand embroidered pieces are mainly made in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh which specialises in Chikan work which is a traditional embroidery style.

A template of the pattern is made called a khaka which is then traced onto the fabric so that the embroiderers can see where to work. The fabric is then stretched across an adda frame which the embroiderers sit around to work. Some of the all over embroidery designs can take weeks to complete.