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A delicious selection of homewares and gifts.

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Acacia Pink Sponge Bag
Acacia Pink Sponge Bag Sale priceFrom £16.00
Blue Elektra Beach Towel
Blue Elektra Beach Towel Sale price£35.00
Pink Elektra Beach TowelPink Elektra Beach Towel
Pink Elektra Beach Towel Sale price£35.00
Pink Brindisi TableclothPink Brindisi Tablecloth
Pink Brindisi Tablecloth Sale priceFrom £74.00
Wild Bazaar Roma White TableclothWild Bazaar Roma White Tablecloth
Wild Bazaar Roma White Tablecloth Sale priceFrom £74.00
Portokali TableclothPortokali Tablecloth
Portokali Tablecloth Sale priceFrom £69.00
Acacia Leaf Sponge Bag
Acacia Leaf Sponge Bag Sale priceFrom £16.00
Wild Bazaar Blue Lotus Trellis TableclothWild Bazaar Blue Lotus Trellis Tablecloth
Wild Bazaar White Lotus Trellis TableclothWild Bazaar White Lotus Trellis Tablecloth
Fish Greek TowelsFish Greek Towels
Fish Greek Towels Sale price£36.00
Turquoise Elektra Beach TowelTurquoise Elektra Beach Towel
Royal Mulberry TableclothRoyal Mulberry Tablecloth
Royal Mulberry Tablecloth Sale priceFrom £74.00
Green Naxos TableclothGreen Naxos Tablecloth
Green Naxos Tablecloth Sale priceFrom £79.00
White Paxos Tablecloth
White Paxos Tablecloth Sale price£79.00
Blue Paxos TableclothBlue Paxos Tablecloth
Blue Paxos Tablecloth Sale priceFrom £79.00
White Flower Brindisi TableclothWhite Flower Brindisi Tablecloth
White Flower Brindisi Tablecloth Sale priceFrom £79.00
Sky Blue Brindisi TableclothSky Blue Brindisi Tablecloth
Sky Blue Brindisi Tablecloth Sale priceFrom £74.00
Petrel Blue Brindisi TableclothPetrel Blue Brindisi Tablecloth
Petrel Blue Brindisi Tablecloth Sale priceFrom £74.00
Wild Bazaar Dusky Rose TableclothWild Bazaar Dusky Rose Tablecloth
Wild Bazaar Dusky Rose Tablecloth Sale priceFrom £74.00
Wild Bazaar Ravenna TableclothWild Bazaar Ravenna Tablecloth
Wild Bazaar Amalfi TableclothWild Bazaar Amalfi Tablecloth
Wild Bazaar Amalfi Tablecloth Sale priceFrom £28.00
Wild Bazaar Trieste TableclothWild Bazaar Trieste Tablecloth
Wild Bazaar Trieste Tablecloth Sale priceFrom £74.00
Water Garden TableclothWater Garden Tablecloth
Water Garden Tablecloth Sale price£84.00
Anokhi Raisa TableclothAnokhi Raisa Tablecloth
Anokhi Raisa Tablecloth Sale price£84.00
Wild Bazaar Sita TableclothWild Bazaar Sita Tablecloth
Wild Bazaar Sita Tablecloth Sale price£84.00
Blue Serifos TableclothBlue Serifos Tablecloth
Blue Serifos Tablecloth Sale price£74.00
Sold outAnokhi Taormina TableclothAnokhi Taormina Tablecloth
Anokhi Taormina Tablecloth Sale price£79.00
Anokhi White Mysore TableclothAnokhi White Mysore Tablecloth
Anokhi White Mysore Tablecloth Sale priceFrom £69.00
Wild Bazaar Mulberry TableclothWild Bazaar Mulberry Tablecloth
Wild Bazaar Mulberry Tablecloth Sale priceFrom £74.00
Wild Bazaar Ramona TableclothWild Bazaar Ramona Tablecloth
Wild Bazaar Ramona Tablecloth Sale priceFrom £74.00
Wild Bazaar Mireille TableclothWild Bazaar Mireille Tablecloth
Butter Round TableclothButter Round Tablecloth
Butter Round Tablecloth Sale price£79.00
Tansy Round TableclothTansy Round Tablecloth
Tansy Round Tablecloth Sale price£79.00
Parvata TableclothParvata Tablecloth
Parvata Tablecloth Sale price£74.00
Olive Mughal Round TableclothOlive Mughal Round Tablecloth
Anokhi White Pineapple TableclothAnokhi White Pineapple Tablecloth
Anokhi White Pineapple Tablecloth Sale priceFrom £69.00
Anokhi Rosy Pineapple TableclothAnokhi Rosy Pineapple Tablecloth
Anokhi White Suzani TableclothAnokhi White Suzani Tablecloth
Royal Udaipur TableclothRoyal Udaipur Tablecloth
Royal Udaipur Tablecloth Sale price£74.00
Passion Flower TableclothPassion Flower Tablecloth
Passion Flower Tablecloth Sale price£69.00
Sold outSummer Birds TableclothSummer Birds Tablecloth
Summer Birds Tablecloth Sale price£69.00
Rani TableclothRani Tablecloth
Rani Tablecloth Sale price£74.00
Jatni Bluebell TableclothJatni Bluebell Tablecloth
Jatni Bluebell Tablecloth Sale price£74.00
Jodhpur Tree TableclothJodhpur Tree Tablecloth
Jodhpur Tree Tablecloth Sale price£74.00
Goa Garden TableclothGoa Garden Tablecloth
Goa Garden Tablecloth Sale price£74.00
Shimla Rose TableclothShimla Rose Tablecloth
Shimla Rose Tablecloth Sale price£74.00
Jaipur Garden TableclothJaipur Garden Tablecloth
Jaipur Garden Tablecloth Sale price£74.00
Blue Bloom TableclothBlue Bloom Tablecloth
Blue Bloom Tablecloth Sale price£74.00